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The Orion Gene

The Forgotten Three


There was once a magnificent kingdom that showered all the peoples of the world in the glory of its splendor. It derived its wisdom from the elements and nature itself. The great progenitors of the magical wisdom were The Orion and they shared their knowledge with all. Each distinct peoples the world over embraced the wisdom and knowledge of The Orion interpreting the teachings, preserving, and passing along that wisdom throughout the millennia in the bloodlines of the generations of their distinct kinfolk. From end to end the Earth was covered with majestic structures, artistry and untold beauty reflecting and coalescing with the heavens from which they came. The world was in harmony. All the inhabitants of this world lived under the moral code of The Orion. It was the Universal Code of Light. The Universal Law. Malice to none.


The Universal Code of Light generated from beyond the Pillars of Hercules and extended to the farthest reaches of the domain of the Dogon of Africa to the expanse of the Great Tartaries of Asia into far away lands across the seas. But these, they were The Three. The Orion, The Dogon, and The Great Tartaries. Each acting as gatekeeper possessing and representing one crucial key to The Universal Code of Light and thereby enforcers against the pernicious darkness. Within their bloodlines and preserved for all time was the imitable power to overcome darkness. The majesty of The Three was carefully guarded by the respective peoples because within their bloodlines they passed on special qualities. The preservation of The Code (being the bloodline) was therefore of utmost priority. After all, if a bloodline was corrupted, so too would be that offspring and on all descendants thereafter would befall calamity. For The Orion, calamity was succumbing to the darkness.  


Living in the shadows of the vast lands of The Orion was a ghastly people known as The Glond. A wicked manifestation they were. Harboring ill-will toward their fellow man, especially The Orion who were the progenitors of the wisdom and Light that brought about The Universal Code. The Orion knew of their foe The Glond throughout all time since their existence was impossible to doubt given that according to the laws of nature all things maintain balance and good and evil are no different. The Orion did not know the name of their foe but only of their assured existence. The Glond were always there you see. If not The Glond, another form of darkness surely. Be vigilant.


The Orion and The Three together diligently kept The Universal Code of Light across the land and no darkness, not even The Glond, could disrupt that order nor had power over The Three. When combined the force displayed by The Three was far too spectacular for lesser beings like The Glond to withstand. The Universal Code of Light blooms from basic tenets of morality and goodwill. Malice toward none. This Code was observed for ages.


It was known far and wide that the harboring of malice transformed its host into a facsimile of darkness. Left unchecked it ultimately took root and manifested wholly. Over time it would spread like wildfire destroying the entire civilization by their own hand. An individual that allowed malice to take root within him was unworthy to live among The Orion and was cast out left to fend for himself absent the protections of The Three. The likes of The Glond would have been forbidden for that reason. No man in all the lands had ever seen a Glond but they knew of the destruction that hate promised. And so it was a cardinal transgression.

The Orion were natural masters. Masters of themselves above all and thereby beyond the influence of the darkness emitted by the likes of The Glond. Darkness like that of The Glond capitalizes on vice and The Orion were naturally immune. The Orion lived by the wisdom that before you could control the world around you, you had to be able to control yourself. Emotion is power. There are many powers. Control your own. The Orion passed that wisdom on to The Dogon and The Great Tartaries who embraced The Code entirely living morally sound and therefore out of the grip of darkness. They knew full well that succumbing to delusions of emotional grandeur rendered an individual susceptible to the bidding of outside forces. The forces of Darkness represent a loss of mastery in those subject to it. Every thought is questioned as to its source. Something else controls you and you cannot live freely when you harbor hate or ill-will or malice. He who holds malice is not of The Orion as a key quality is self-control. 


As the ages moved on The Three would be tested. Time and space long between the ancients and the moderns but the moderns still possessing the power to banish all darkness. Whispers throughout the ages telling you to Look. To See. To Know. Then the doing comes. The darkness is always The Glond and The Glond is always darkness but the children of The Orion live on to set the balance once again.

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