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The entire known history of that cult

is an unparalleled example of psychosis.

Key feature?m: Suicidal ideation.

Key Mind Kontrol feature function:

Living up to the impossible to live up

to 'Chosen' status.

Key participants in hoax maintenance:

The Rabbinate.

Key function: 'Guiding' their subjects dreams,

keeping it's subjects dream state strong.

Key control measure: Meshumed- "heretic" branding.

Key to host's power: Mastery of Inversionism

Key 'spells': 'Gentiles' 'Jew'.

Key goal of key 'spells': Trapping

(as soon as said spells are employed, all that

ensues is consented too by anyone repeating

the sorcerer's spells)


Manipulating ADJECTIVES. Inversion of

adjectives with nouns .


(Example: Brown is black )


The most powerful : W.Russian black magic

practitioners- Chabad Lubavitch. 2 Million

operating with impunity in the (former) U.S.A.


Key accomplices: 'strange bedfellow' faux adversaries: 'jesuits'. (reciprocating good cop bad cop sorcery)

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