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On "Ending Racism"

The result of "their" policies was never meant to be less "racism" lol or to end any such idea that "They" themselves created. They've made it so that people understand the word racism to denote violence when the intention is not even to reduce violence but to direct it to their own ends and schemes. They have infused an understanding into the word Racism that immediately conveys a sense of violence against those not of the subject group.

Beware. The result(s) of their policies is always the diametric opposite of whatever "They" tell you. So, They push for ideas like "Equity" and "Equally" and people "believe" it and then put their energies behind it. Without you pushing their Baalshit, none of their tricks would succeed. "They" would get no where. You are your own worst enemy. The goal is not to end "Racism". Your energies are NOT being used to that end.

Instead, you are being used to push and promote a character of tribalism found in places like prisons for example. Keep talking about "ending racism". We are heading somewhere that you are not gonna like. You are so busy pointing the finger at somebody else, not reaLIEzing that it was you all along. They have told you that ideas and concepts generated by particular individuals are "off-limits" and like a child you have complied. Not one thing has been a red flag for you. Be courageous now. Face Truths. Either you are going to make conscientious choices now or you will swept up in circumstance(s). M'kay? The second picture (below) is the end game that "Woke" policies intend to bring about all across Western Civilization.

These two headlines were from the exact same publication from the exact same year. Only difference? African babies are encouraged, European babies are not.

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