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Covid is Communism 

The Coronavirus pandemic, whether legitimate or illegitimate was always going to end up this way. Australia has already fallen to the menace.


"Covid is Communism and it's one of the first two aspects of communism. The first two things that Communists do when they take a country. Well, first they take all your stuff. They make you suffer until you can't work and you can't pay your bills and then they say, "look" [they come across as the savior, right]. They say, "look we have the solution for you". For the problem they've caused. "Sign everything over to us. Your house. Your assets. Your property. Excess capital. Everything you've worked for your entire lives." They say, "Sign it over to us and we'll wipe all your debts. You'll be in the clear but you have to live in a cube in the city. You have to work the factory job we tell you to work. You have to eat the food we tell you to eat and you have to get injected with our poison a few times a year." So, they outstretch their hand as the savior and many people will take it. And, woe to those who do.


Second thing they do is kill off a significant percentage of the population and they try to include in that "kill bracket" people who could potentially threaten their government in the future. The best of the country that they take. The most energetic. The most bold. The most courageous. People less likely to conform. So, they're gonna take all your stuff. They are going to try to control every aspect of your life. Where you go, what you do. They're gonna tell you where to work. They're gonna control everything and they're gonna make you suffer so much that you're gonna feel that you have no choice but to accept that lifestyle. And, they're also going to kill off a significant percentage of us. They're gonna try with these vaccination programs.


So, this was always coming. Anyone who's been paying attention. This should come as no surprise. You can't let Marxists pose as professors and politicians for two whole generations in your country and expect to remain free and independent. Our so-called "Conservatives" never challenged the foundational principles that these Marxists have been pushing. The philosophical, subversive ideological principles these Marxists have been pushing on our country.


Whether it's feminism, transgenderism, atheism, forced immigration, and unconditional equality systems. All of the things that have divided us. That have caused us to fight among ourselves. That have destroyed our religion and our moral traditions. That have confused us as to who we even are as a people. The things that have divided and debilitated us. These have all contributed to preparing us for this final push. For the final imposition of this Communist government now. This is what it is. Covid is Communism rebranded as a deadly virus. So, be prepared.

I am off Facebook and you know what? Feels good man. 10/2/2022 


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