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An interesting follow-up interview with Rebekha Roth is now available: //


Someone posted: Quote:


”I am a flight attendant for 30 years. Flew out of JFK the morning of 9/11 on TWA flight #3, we were scheduled to leave at 8:00am. I was the in-flight Service Manager (head stew). But when I got on the plane it wasn't the same tail number plane we were supposed to go on. It was a Boeing 767 but it was one of our older ones. I was the flight Service Manager and was told by mechanics that the plane we were supposed to take got an alert from bomb sniffing German shepherds that morning and they had to switch planes, and take this older 767 out of the hangar.   The plane was stripped bare, and I advised ramp guys that I was not going to take off or board passenger's without emergency preparedness cards in seat pockets and other items that were required safety wise. If I had not taken that delay God only knows what would have happened. Also in hindsight, why would they let flights out of JFK still take off if they already knew by this time they had a definite problem, and two rogue planes off their flight plan out of Boston!!?? That flight eventually took off out of JFK 9/11/2001 at 8:42am wheels up (looked at my watch as we do), on climb out we suddenly jolted and took a nosedive then jolted again and began ascent again. I went up to cockpit right after they turned off seat belt sign still shaken, to enquire what had happened?? They were pale and visibly still shaken as well, and said they didn't know as soon as they were making their ascent turn towards Manhattan they near missed an aircraft flying fast out of control and crazy. My airplane made frightening maneuvers to avoid FLIGHT 11. We came extremely close to a horrific midair collision on climb out. We should have never been allowed to take off at 8:40am from JFK a/p in NYC with 3 airplanes having their transponders turned OFF!!! Flight 93 took off after 8:40! They would later say during our sequester in Ohio for 4 days that we all came very close to death that day.  More happened that day, during and after we landed that made no sense, and like the the Flight Attendant in this video said, followed no standard established safety protocols. I was so upset by the obvious set up I also stopped flying shortly afterwards, as I no longer felt protected by anyone or anything controlling things!! This is all true.


In closing I must add. As airline personnel we are required to take an emergency review class 8-5pm, once a year, required by the Federal government. At the end of this review we take mandatory emergency operations, and safety protocols, hijacking, ditching, plane configurations, operation of plane doors and all emergency equipment exams. Including a brush up in CPR certification. Now during this course they did something they have never in 30 years, ever done!! This was the last Friday in August 2001. During the hijacking part of the class, they constantly were making more of being aware of the threats of some middle eastern man named Osama Bin Laden. I was so taken back by this rather off program, and strange kind of focus they were, and kept placing on this particular middle eastern man looking at soft targets like air travel, who I had never heard of. So I asked my instructor, "why are you focusing on this one particular guy so much?? I have never seen anyone actually named like this before. Who is he exactly, and is there something specific we should know about him? " The response, "oh no just using him as a reference". Very strange, and again all true! I Worked for TWA until American took us over, but we were still flying under TWA plane paint white and red. I Was badly injured on the sharp descent we took flying into Dayton after being ordered to land about 10:00am or so by an F16 over our left wing. I can assure you all these incidents happened to me that fateful day. I am not saying them to agre nor disagree with the woman being interviewed. I will say that having been a flight attendant 30 years on 9/11 flying in TWA flight 3 that morning. A very informative post: Quote: ”I was a telephone operator in 2001 and I've examined the call routing log for those calls. All were processed by an operator (OSPS) but the terminal numbers have been redacted. This is a dead giveaway that diversion took place, most likely an observation bench in DC. When someone places a call from one calling area to another using the aid of an AT&T operator, regardless of how the call was billed, the document produced (a routing ticket) is printed with the terminal number of the operator that connected the call. On the logs that I've managed to see, the terminal numbers were scratched out. Those numbers can trace the call back to the exact building and seat number, and eventually back to the operator that assisted on the call. When I saw it was scratched out, that was a dead giveaway. Why would that information need to be kept secret? The average Joe can't do anything with it.”- End quote. 


A firefighter posted: Quote:


"I talked to people, who were on the ground near the WTC, who said they suddenly saw an airplane and as they followed the thing, it suddenly disappeared then reappeared and hit the building (there are some who say those were hologram projections, so I thought that testimony from competent folks was fascinating - not saying that's the case, ok. It's just interesting to me). - End quote.


You might find the three links which are attached below quite interesting:


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3) Professor Griffin's book:

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