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"Evil does not cast judgement over Good.

Darkness does not cast judgement over Light"


All peoples that desire self-determination and freedom from that which is bearing down upon us all have been granted a blueprint. As usual, the White men lead the path. We must all follow their lead. Take this path together. Create paths in your communities in-kind and converge. It is the only way. I have said this time and time again. We all want control over our own lives and the destinies of our children. That is what is at stake. If the forces of this power apparatus can target for demise the majority White populations in their own nations, how do you think minority populations will fair? We know what their plans are for all of us. Getting White people out of the way is only the first step in their schemes. You have heard of The Great Reset. The New Normal. The Age of Androgyny. Transhumanism. They intend to return us to the depths of depravity. There was a darkness once upon a time than ran rampant and blood flowed. Ritual sacrifice. Cannibalism. Child sacrifice. All manner of debauchery and evilness. They have provided a preview of what is to come. They will never be satisfied until they have full reign, especially over your children. They want your children. Even now they work within the confines of boundaries pushing you and testing you continually. When White people have been neutralized there will be no more boundaries. We always speak of "They". They control the media (all manner of information dissemination), major corporations (Black Rock, Vanguard), every institution of our world. Every religion. They control our food supplies. Whether or not your children are fed is not within your power. They control our very existence. This is not freedom. They are poisoning our air. Our food. Our minds. This cannot end well. You must know that by now.


They control us through fear, but who do They fear? The champions of Western Civilization. White men.


Listen to the video below to find out why. Read the transcript that I have taken the time to provide for you. It is we who are the arbiters of truth. It is we who are the moral authorities of this world. You and I. There is no one else. There is no other time. The time is now.


I've tried my best to provide you with the tools that you need to fight a thing that I know you do not wholly understand. I know a lot of readers may feel disaffected by White people standing up for themselves. But, if you can still perceive truth, if your greater perceptions have not been completely dulled, then you will know that many truths have been spoken here. All but one remains. That is that we are all suffering the same fate. Australia has declared to fight for life. We too choose life. How about you?


Transcript: We must be unified. Converging together in a single direction. Locked in step and in breath under the same symbol moving forward to the same goal and that goal is a free White Australia. We struggle for a free White Australia. Not free to do what we want. Not free for the sake of being free but free from poison. Free from enslavement. Free from subjugation. We must remember that we are just a small organ in a tiny body and this body is part of a huge collective. This struggle is global. So, when we fight for a Free White Australia, we are joining our brothers in a struggle for a Free White World. A Global White Revolution is the only solution to our troubles. We must be disciplined and loyal. We must do our part and to do one's part is our prayer. Not on your knees hoping that God will save us but by performing rituals that save ourselves. Our movement is a movement of rituals and routines and these routines may some times seem like work but work will set us free. It only took a small team of hardworking Jews to dismantle a White Australia and create a Jewish hegemony of power. Power over government. Power over banking. Power over media. Power over thought. Power over culture. It will take a team of hardworking Aryans to dismantle this Jewish power and create a White Australia.


First, we just defeat the Jew that lies within ourselves. Only then will we have the strength to overthrow the criminals who rule over us, and They are criminals. Never forget this. They have stolen our future. They have traded it for silver. How many of these criminals have kissed Jewish walls or Jewish feet? Our victory comes from creating a great energy. A great force. This energy must be directed precisely at its goal. This energy comes from the mass of unified manpower. This energy comes from this manpower dedicating its manpower all over this nation. It is not the critic that counts only the man that dedicates his time and efforts. Our people will hate us at first. They will snub and snarl at us. Our greatest struggle is saving a people that do not even want to be saved. They are content with their debt-slavery. The are content with their football and their mafs??? They are content with Jewish and Negro culture. They are content with overcrowding and traffic. They are content with inflation of goods and services. They are content with deflation of their wages. They are content with mass non-White immigration. They are content with their children being minorities. They are content with the slow and progressive replacement of their race.


What separates us is we are not content. Everything in this world can be made into something better. We have a different vision of the future and our vision is the opposite of theirs; and for that we are called extreme. But we do not care what they call us. For we plan to manifest our reality and there is nothing, nothing that our enemies can truly do to stop us and when we win our people will only then realize how poisoned they once were. Our people will then realize we are right. Our enemies are poisoning us. They are poisoning the food and the farms. They are poisoning the water and the wells. They are poisoning the culture. They are poisoning the race. They are poisoning the soul. This corona vaccine is a poison that is slipping into us no different to how the Jew slipped into our nations. Everyone sees the poison that is in our society in a different way our mission is to explain to everyone that it all comes from the same source.


We used to ask to be listened to. We used to beg to have our say. We used to pretend that everything was fine. We used to hide our true beliefs. We are no longer asking. We are no longer begging. We are no longer pretending and we are no longer hiding. Our enemies are wrong. They are wicked and evil. We are right, good, and noble. We are here to fight a great Satan and we are not here to compromise to this great Satan. We are not here to explain why things must be our way. Things must be our way because they must. We will have our victory. Our enemies will be the ones asking. Our enemies will be begging. Our enemies will be pretending. Our enemies will be hiding. Our enemies will be found wanting. Evil does not cast judgment over good. Evil does not cast judgment over good. Darkness does not cast judgment over Light. Good destroys evil and Light destroys darkness. We can see that They are trying to destroy us. We are now awake to their lies. We know who is destroying us and we know why They are destroying us. Our enemies serve a downward force. They want everything to be rotten just like them. They want to breakdown the man, the woman, and the child. They want you weak your wife sour and your child cold. They want your sons gay and your daughters whores. They want to break down the family and the home. They want you divorced, broke, and living in a box eating bugs. They want to break down our community and our nation. They want you atomized and outnumbered. They want to break down the world. We serve an upward force. We want everything to be noble and whole. We want to build up man, woman, and child. We want you strong, your wife sweet, and your child warm. We want your sons stoic and your daughters pure. We want to build up the family and the home. We want you married with soil and fertility eating the fruit of your own labor. We want to build up the community and nation. We want you to be together and one. We want to lift up our race. We are in a fight between life and death. A fight for life is a fight for eternity. The Aryan is the only one that fights for life and the Jew fights for death. The Aryan serves the upward force. The lifeforce. The God-force. The Jew serves the downward force. We are in a fight between life and death. A fight for life is a fight for eternity. The Aryan is the only one that fights for life. The Jew fights for death. The Aryan serves the upward force. The lifeforce. The God-force that rules over us. The Jew serves the downward force. The death-force. The devil-force. The rest are only here to wait and see who wins. We are made of flesh and of soul. We are made of body and spirit. We are made of blood and of honor and we have been put here to set the record straight. We do not kneel and die. We stand and fight and live. Blood and honor.

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